Introduction to the course: 

This introductory course discusses how to build an effective stormwater management program in your community along with innovative ideas to identify untapped opportunities. The framework presented can be readily shaped to fit local conditions. Use it to develop cost effective programs that are supportive of, and adaptive to, evolving community resources and needs.

Pilot projects and success stories illustrate the critical components of a stormwater management program and show how a some communities use these approaches. Course participants who have not been previously involved in the development of stormwater programs will learn the background and basic principles of the six minimum control measures. More experienced users will find this course a great tool for communicating the basics and for providing working examples of successful programs.

Course Syllabus:

Module 1. Who and Why: Stakeholders and Common Ground (25 min)

Module 2. What Does It All Mean (25 min)

Module 3. How to Involve Your Community (15 min)

Module 4. How to Protect Waterbodies and Have Development (15 min)

Module 5. How to Detect and Eliminate Illicit Discharges and Good Housekeeping Practices (20 min)

Order of Content: