Introduction to the course: 

This course is designed to provide stormwater managers, professionals, and local leaders and their staff with an overview of the components necessary to implement a comprehensive asset management program. Asset management is maintaining a desired level of service at the lowest life cycle cost. In simple terms, it provides a means of determining the best way to spend your limited dollars to achieve the maximum impact. In these times of doing more with less, it’s about doing less "better.” Ultimately, asset management provides a framework to make data-driven decisions about how to operate, maintain, repair, rehabilitate, and replace assets. This course will walk you through five core components of asset management as they relate to stormwater management: current state of assets, level of service, criticality, life cycle costing, and long-term funding.

Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Introduction and Inventory of Assets (13 min)

Module 2: Level of Service (18 min)

Module 3: Critical Asset Assessment (16 min)

Module 4: Life Cycle Costing (18 min)

Module 5: Long-term Funding (15 min)

Order of Content: