Local Government Staff

Local governments are confronted with a multitude of challenges when facing stormwater management responsibilities. Time, funding, and limited capacity are among the common constraints. The MOST Center was created to respond to these challenges by offering free, self-paced, easy-to-access stormwater management training and resources.  Current courses cover regulatory basics, define stormwater terminology, showcase Bay-wide examples, and teach the importance of leadership in developing and financing effective stormwater management programs.  Future courses will delve further into financing, planning, procurement, design, construction, O & M, and more. Course offerings will expand to build user proficiency levels and offer recognition and incentives for continued participation.

As the MOST Center grows, training and resources will be tagged with the Local Government Staff icon to help program managers and other municipal staff identify material aligned with their specific needs and interests.  Visit the MOST Center often to look for new courses and Knowledge Center resources marked with the Local Government Staff icon.

The MOST Center will also serve as a forum for upcoming training events and discussion boards to promote collaboration and the integration of local efforts. Sign up for MOST Center eNews to stay connected, and visit How to Partner to learn about partnership opportunities or to suggest future course topics and resource needs.